MONDO is the largest, annual gathering of jugglers, unicyclers and yo-yo enthusiasts in the Midwest, averaging 500-700 participants each year. We are fortunate to have some of the most talented people in each discipline attend MONDO on a regular basis.  The highlight of the weekend is our public show, which traditionally features some awesome talent from a variety of disciplines.  To read more about the history of MONDO, check out this brief timeline.

MONDO is proudly presented by MONDO Juggling and Unicycle Arts, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to support the understanding and performance of juggling, unicycling, and related arts.  The following organizations strongly support MONDO.

Minnesota Neverthriving

The Neverthriving provides space for jugglers from all over the Twin Cities to come and practice each week.  Between 10 and 30 people can be found there on any given Monday.  The Minnesota Neverthriving has been home to many well known performers.

Twin Cities Unicycle Club

TCUC was founded in 1974 and currently supports over 300 members.  The TCUC is home to multiple national and world champions in group riding, many individual and pairs national and world champions.