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Special Guests: Emilie Stegmüller and Philipp Henestrosa

This year, MONDO is pleased to welcome two unicycle special guests from Switzerland:  Emilie Stegmüller and Philipp Henestrosa

Emilie is 19 years old and has been unicycling for about six years.  She was taught by her father who is a professional clown. Soon after, she met Julien Monney, her coach, and Philipp Henestrosa, her unicycling pairs partner.   In 2007, Julien brought Emilie and Philipp to Japan for their first unicycling trip.  Since then she has traveled frequently with her unicycle to practice, compete, and especially to meet new people and share with them.  She has traveled to Japan, New Zealand, and the United States.  Besides unicycling she is studying Chinese and Japanese at college.

Philipp Henestrosa, 20, has unicycling world champion titles in several disciplines.  He has taught the art of unicycling to over 800 children and adults.  Currently, he has finished programming an application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (Unicyclingcenter) for providing a new way of learning and mastering unicycling (available in the App Store at the end of February).  He is looking forward to meeting you and is open for every question.

Emilie and Philipp will be teaching several workshops at MONDO 23 and will also be featured in the MONDO Spectacular Variety Show held on Feb 18th at Central High School in St. Paul, MN.